Cloud solutions for hotels

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with one another and enable hoteliers to meet and exceed their business goals.
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All our solutions can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Empower your hotel to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve performance.
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Hotel services on the palm of each guest!

The Concierge App is a personalized, multilingual application designed for iOS or Android tablets and smartphones, which enables guests to place orders for room service or housekeeping, book spa and wellness, order wake-up calls, laundry, luggage or transportation services and even have insight on nearby restaurants, clubs and tourist attractions.

Provide a unique custom experience and keep your guests engaged with branded hotel content!
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Social Wall

Engage your visitors and inspire them to tell your story!

Brand awareness comes from real people! By creating and maintaining a high level of interest for your brand, you’re pretty much encouraging people to talk about it.

And this is where the Social Wall fits perfectly!
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Info Channel

Make your offer known to every guest using in-room TV’s!

Your guests may not always be aware of all of your services. Best way to inform your guests about these extra services is on TV screens in their rooms. Boost your sales by informing your guests about promotional and other useful information while they are in hotel rooms.

Info Channel allows you to manage video content with picture and sound in exceptional quality in real-time.
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Capture attention, make an impression!

Add value to your hotel brand by presenting your own content on Screens and provide promotional and entertainment information to guests or hotel visitors! Get rid of the printing costs on leaflets and posters, and deliver real-time information which are easily managed and controlled from any location over your web browser.

Target your message, reach key audience and influence guest`s purchasing decisions.
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Assign, prioritize and track your employees' tasks!

Improve your workforce's efficiency by using Tasks application which helps you schedule employees' to-do lists! By assigning and prioritizing tasks for each employee, make it easy for staff to understand their assignments and stay organized.

Get real-time updates on tasks and track which tasks are in queue, in progress or done, as well as insight in time spent on tasks.
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Ensure accurate employee attendance records!

Put an end to troubles with accurate tracking employees' attendance! Easy to setup and simple to use, cloud-based Attend application provides you with real-time attendance data which you can access and manage from any location over Your web browser!

Ensure accurate attendance records, save administration time and reduce overall costs!
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All of your precious data and email campaigns in one place!

The foundation of any successful business is all about building long-term customer relationships. Improve your business and sales performance with our CRM software to make sure Your important contacts, to-do's and sales opportunities won't get dropped.

Manage business contacts, track leads, schedule tasks and act on all of the info associated with them.
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Boost team collaboration!

Projects tool helps your team members to work together efficiently. Create weekly plans and receive regular updates on how work is progressing. Every post can contain files, photos and videos in addition to text and comment.

The best part of it? Projects is hosted in the cloud, which means You can access real-time data anytime, from anywhere using PC, tablet or smartphone!
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