Ensure accurate employee attendance records!

Put an end to troubles with accurate tracking employees' attendance! Easy to setup and simple to use, cloud-based Attend application provides you with real-time attendance data which you can access and manage from any location over Your web browser!
Ensure accurate attendance records, save administration time and reduce overall costs!

Attend is hosted in the cloud which means you can access it from your web browser. No software installation required!

  • Employees and managers can access their attendance data anytime, from anywhere with Internet connection.
  • Employees can review their own activities.
  • Managers can add, remove or edit employee and reader's data.
  • Employee attendance data can be managed and processed from multiple locations without networking computers or servers.
  • Easy to setup and easy to use.
  • Unlimited number of employees.
  • Unlimited number of readers.

Attend gives you the option of shift management:

  • creating working periods
  • scheduling by working periods
  • scheduling by users

For quick and efficient time planning, create calendar for employee shifts and organize schedules.

How it works:

Employees check in or out using reader. All activities on the device are accompanied by sound and light signals. Employees can also check in or out manually via web application.
Employees login to view their activities. Managers login to view reports or manage records by adding, removing or editing employee or reader data.
To easily process the data, managers export data to Excel, saving administration time and reducing overall costs.