Hotel services on the palm of each guest!

The Concierge App is a personalized, multilingual application designed for iOS or Android tablets and smartphones, which enables guests to place orders for room service or housekeeping, book spa and wellness, order wake-up calls, laundry, luggage or transportation services and even have insight on nearby restaurants, clubs and tourist attractions.
Provide a unique custom experience and keep your guests engaged with branded hotel content!

Tired of the print guest services directories? Create a highly personalized hotel experience for your guests!

Whether on tablets or smartphones, in-room app provides many opportunities for guests, such as selecting from a huge range of hotel services, booking hotel amenities at their own convenience, placing orders for room service and housekeeping, or even ordering wake-up call, taxi, etc. You can also use the app to recommend restaurants, clubs, tourist attractions or other services normally provided by concierges.

In the last few years, many of the world's leading hotels have recognized technology as a powerful tool to add value to their brand and stand out in the marketplace. Custom designed in-room app is an interactive way of catering guests during their stay, bringing them all the hotel services, including those normally provided by concierges.

Concierge app is designed to offer an exclusive in-room experience to your guests, and provide you with numerous benefits such as:

  • Increased guest engagement
  • Increased in-room service orders
  • Increased guest serving efficiency
  • Increased revenue growth
  • Relieved Front Desk
  • Enhanced relationship with Your guests
  • Reinforced hotel brand

The Concierge App can be downloaded to personal smartphones/tablets by guests, or previously installed on hotel tablets, which are at guests' disposal in their rooms. The app is tailored to your needs, following your brand guidelines.

  • iOS/Android compatible
  • Room service
  • Concierge services
  • Destination info
  • Reception web software allows receptionists to communicate with guest via Concierge App.
  • Secure and simple to use.
  • Content Management System (CMS) is used to create and edit content.
  • Web based, it can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.