Info Channel

Make your offer known to every guest using in-room TV’s!

Your guests may not always be aware of all of your services. Best way to inform your guests about these extra services is on TV screens in their rooms. Boost your sales by informing your guests about promotional and other useful information while they are in hotel rooms.
Info Channel allows you to manage video content with picture and sound in exceptional quality in real-time.


  • Specialized channels for your guests (Entertainment, Gastronomy, Travel arrangements, etc.)
  • Up to date information in every room
  • Easy content management from anywhere using Your PC, tablet or smartphone, anytime
  • Simple user interface
  • Quick set-up without additional software installation

  • Target Your message and reach key audience
  • Influence guest's purchasing decisions
  • Increase revenue by promoting your services
  • Save cost - no more printed materials
  • Content control in real-time
  • Reinforce hotel brand