Capture attention, make an impression!

Add value to your hotel brand by presenting your own content on Screens and provide promotional and entertainment information to guests or hotel visitors! Get rid of the printing costs on leaflets and posters, and deliver real-time information which are easily managed and controlled from any location over your web browser.
Target your message, reach key audience and influence guest's purchasing decisions.

Advertise hotel's special offers, loyalty programs, upcoming events and tourist attractions, deliver important announcements or even keep guests informed with live weather and breaking news!

What is Digital Signage?
Digital Signage represents video content which is commonly used to interactively advertise products or services, and can be shown on one or more screens. Screens are strategically placed on one or multiple locations.
Digital Signage screens can be seen everywhere around the hotel, drawing guests' attention in the:

  • restaurant (menu of the day, special offer)
  • bar (hotel`s offer, partner’s offer)
  • reception (weather forecast, tourist attractions)
  • lobby (important announcements)
  • congress center (event information)
  • elevators (upcoming events, loyalty programs)

Take full advantage of the digital signage revolution, optimize Your guests' experience through eye-catching dynamic ads, and ensure yourself numerous benefits such as:

  • Target your message and reach key audience
  • Influence guest's purchasing decisions
  • Drive sales via compelling, interactive ads
  • Save cost - no more printed materials
  • Control content in real time
  • Grow revenue