Social Wall

Engage your visitors and inspire them to tell your story!

Brand awareness comes from real people! By creating and maintaining a high level of interest for your brand, you’re pretty much encouraging people to talk about it.
And this is where the Social Wall fits perfectly!

Regardless of the location or event, everyone wants to show the world all the fun they’re having. Accordingly, all you have to do is create your unique #hashtag, get your visitors to use it in their social media posts and share them on the big screens for everyone to see!

Social Wall enables you to broadcast engaging social media campaigns by displaying content from Instagram. Activate your visitors with integrated social displays and share their excitement of your brand!

How it works:

Create your unique #hashtag.
Choose your favorite template or create your own.
Let your visitors express themselves.
If you’d like, add weather forecast and promotional or informational posts.
Collect and display all social media interaction using your hashtag.
Enrich the experience of your visitors by letting them to participate and spread the word all over the social web!


  • Social Wall is hosted in the cloud which makes it accessible and easily maintained anytime, from anywhere.
  • Templates can contain promotional pictures, advertising or informational posts and weather forecast.
  • Pictures can be automatically collected from the system or you can choose the content you would like to display.
  • Pictures can be marked as favorites and displayed continuously in the selected area of the screen.
  • Offensive or negative content can be blocked.
  • 5# per user.